Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why a Blog

So, after many months of being pestered by my wonderful husband Ben, I have come to the conclusion that I should start a blog. Why? After all, probably everything I'm thinking or going through has been circulating through the lives and thoughts of other people for eternity. I've got nothing new to offer. Well, my turning point on this whole blog concept has stemmed from several realities simultaneously being made manifest in my life: 1. My deepening realization that I am a beloved child of God, and yes, my experiences do, in fact matter. 2. The impending reality of a move down the east coast back to good old Virginy, and my yearning to stay connected to those whom I am so blessed to call my community. 3. The reality of being at home with a delightful but oh-so-life-consuming 6 month old (!) and my own desire to continue to find ways to be a creator, one who is truly living in the image of the great Creator.

As all of you know, searching for "the simple life" has been a central theme in my life for... well, probably forever. That search has taken me to unexpected places, and has twisted my live into paradoxical pretzels. Can I be living the simple life while being a stay at home mom? How about while living in relative comfort? Can I live it in marriage? Can I live it while enjoying niceties and simple luxuries? And, the mother of all paradoxes, in whose shadow I have already started to reside: Can I live it in the suburbs??

So, here in this blog I hope to delve into this notion of the simple life, as it is currently being lived by and revealed to me. Thanks for supporting me in the journey!


woerove said...

You rock my world Adele. I can't believe this is the first time I am really reading your writing. I can't wait to get more, what a great way to stay connected to you all when you are "down south."

As a woman who is neither married, has children or lives in the suburbs, I also struggle with ways to live the simple life, and believe that at its core, simple living is so communal that we can learn much from one another, even though our day to day experiences are different.

This is my first real Blog following experience. I am excited to take the journey with you and all your other commentors (do people who comment get cool names like bloggers?) Can’t wait till we start hearing Zosia’s thoughts on the matter!!

woerove said...

By the way, this is emily